Title: Medmal Market Overview
Author: Hope Maxwell
Date: May 30th, 2005
Description: Powerpoint slides from 2005 PIAA presentation showing loss trends and leading markets national data.

Title: Medmal Market Trends
Author: Dr. Robert P. Hartwig
Date: April 2003
Description: Powerpoint slide showing trends in the market suggesting how and why we got in the hard market mess post 09-11-01.

Title: Understanding Malpractice Insurance
Author:Michelle M.Mello, J.D., Phd
Date: January, 2006
Description: An excellent primer on medical malpractice insurance how and why buying cycles occur and a short historical view of the past.

Title: Market update
Author: Rick Mortimer
Date: 5/11/00
Decription: Medmal Market Trends--what's driving rates Power Point presentation

Title: Sidestepping Risk
Author: Russell A. Jackson
Date: June 2005
Description: Nine pitfalls that can trip you up and cause malpractice liability troubles.

Title: A Loss Minimization Program for Medical Group Practice
Author: Rick Mortimer
Date: 1988

Title: The keys to effectiveness of your professional liability program
Author: Jack Meyer
Date: 1987
Description: A short primer for medical group managers on managing medmal coverage's for their groups. An excellent and timeless piece by Jack Meyer, of The Doctors Company, Napa CA

Title: Medical Liability Monitor
Editor: Barbara Dillard
Publisher: James H. Cunningham
Comments: Monthly publication on the national medmal insurance industry

Title: AM Best
Publisher: Author Synder
Editor: Brendan Noonan
Comments: AM BEST site list key financial rating for all P&C carriers

Title: Physicians Insurance Association of America
Director: Larry Smarr
Comments: PIAA is a national and international association of provider owned medmal insurers. This Association has many publications on claims and other data and is a champion of national tort reform.

Title: Hot Topics - Medical Malpractice Insurance Trends
Editor: N/A
Publisher: Insurance Information Institute
Comments: A very useful site full of data on claims, premium, leading writers, hard and soft market cycles and why they will continue, an expanded glossary or insurance terms and much more. This link below will take you there. Be sure to open the power point presentation on medmal.
www.iii.org/media/hottopics/ insurance/medicalmal

Title: Property, Casualty Insurance - Market Cycles
Editor: N/A
Publisher: Insurance Information Institute
Comments: An excellent article rich with facts looking back at the past three market cycles. This link below will take you there.
http://www.iii.org/media/facts/ statsbyissue/pcinscycle/

Title: Risk Management Handbook For Health Care Organizations
Author: Roberta Carroll, Editor Publisher: American Hospital Association Company
Comments: A very good primer on risk management and insurance for both hospital and provider organizations

Title: Radiology And The Law - Malpractice and Other Issues
Author: Ronald L. Eisenberg
Publisher: Springer
Comments: Has a good section on Tele-Radiology risk and insurance